NMPL Company - Payday Loans near Houston

byte2note : Listen to any data on a diatonic musical scale

mod_virgule : My hacked version of Raph Levien's mod_virgule code

NewsLog : A Perl-based weblog with syndication support

ODP/dmoz : Open Directory Project related software

A few more little Perl programs

getquote-1.1.tar.gz [2KB] -- A (really) simple Perl script that will grab stock quotes from Yahoo! Works with the standard Perl distribution - no add-on modules needed. Returns the price, date, time, change (in $ and %), daily high, daily low, and volume in a comma delimited format with one line per stock symbol.

geturl-1.0.0.tar.gz [2KB] -- A Perl script that can grab a file from an HTTP URL and save it locally. Doesn't work with non-HTTP URLs (e.g. FTP, FILE, etc.) No Perl module dependancies, works with the basic Perl distribution.

tonegen-0.1.tar.gz [11KB] -- A crude Perl program that will create an SMS RTPL packet containing ringtone information for a mobile phone. A Perl program to transmitt the created ringtone data to a phone is included. At this point the program is more useful as an example of the packet format than anything else. It is currently hard-coded to send a single specific ringtone that tests the entire sonic range covered by the RTPL spec.

urlsize-1.0.0.tar.gz [2KB] -- Yet another simple Perl script. This one returns the file size of an HTTP URL. It doesn't work on other types of URLs (e.g. FTP, FILE, or LDAP), just HTTP. Works using just the standard Perl distribution, no extra modules needed.

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