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Back in May of 1999 I thought it would be cool to post daily news updates to my home page in a journal-like format in reverse chronological order. This emerging web page style later came to be known as a weblog or blog. I developed a small Perl program that ran under mod_perl or as a CGI to facilitate posting and archiving of older posts. Later I added the ability to syndicate posts to mod_virgule sites such as Advogato or robots.net. I called this creation NewsLog.

NewsLog is in need of a major rewrite these days. I'd like to make it template-based to make customization easier and I'd like to support more forms of syndication including RSS. But it does work and I still use it on a daily basis for my own home page.

newslog-1.4.0.tar.gz [17KB]


Here are a few examples of what it can do:

If you use NewsLog, send me the URL of your site and I'll list it here as an example.

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